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Mold Assessment

Mold assessment is our specialty. When you need a residential mold inspection, we are the company for the job. Our in-depth inspection will detail the type and quantity of mold present in your home. Mold has the potential to cause property damage and serious health issues, so don’t ignore your suspicions if you think there is mold present in your home. Call us today to get a free estimate and schedule your mold assessment.

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Mold Assessment Service

Mold Assessment PoughkeepsieWe begin each assessment with a visual mold inspection to locate all types of mold growing in your home. We pay close attention to areas where water damage has occurred, or there is a high level of indoor humidity or condensation. If we do spot mold during our walkthrough, then we take surface samples from that area to test for toxicity. We also take air samples to detect areas of hidden mold. The samples we collect are sent to an independent lab for testing, and we will include the results in your final written report. We also take outside air samples to compare and establish a baseline.

Utilizing our high-tech mold detection equipment, we will find all current areas with mold growth, as well as determine potential problem spots. We use the following methods during the mold assessment: swab testing, tape-lift sampling, and mold spore air testing. Swab testing tests for a specific species of mold. We collect a sample on a clean cotton swab to be sent to the lab for testing. Tape-lift sampling allows us to determine if the substance located is in fact mold. The mold spore air testing allows us to compare the interior and exterior mold levels. Depending on the size of your home, most mold testing services are completed in just a couple of hours. Our final report can be given to licensed mold remediation companies, as well as your insurance company. This report can be used to present to mold remediation companies in regards to the scope of the work that is necessary.

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Licensed Mold Assessor

As a licensed New York State mold assessor with years of experience, we make sure to hold ourselves to the strict guidelines set forth by the state and EPA. Safety is our priority. You can also trust that you will always work with one of our team members because we do not subcontract out our mold assessment jobs. Whether you are buying, selling, renting, or just want to ensure your indoor air quality is top notch, we are here for you.

Once we complete your mold assessment service, we will give you a detailed report with pictures, as well as a plan of action for dealing with the presence of mold in your home. The state of New York requires that you have a certified mold assessment before any remediation work starts. Don’t skip the mold inspection! Before you hire a remediation company, it’s important to know the extent of your household mold problem. Call us today if you have any questions about our services.

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We provide expert mold assessment in Poughkeepsie, White Plains, Ramsey, Paramus, and all nearby areas in New York and New Jersey.