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Who to Call for Mold Inspection

How can you find out if your home has a mold problem? If you notice signs of mold or suspect you have hidden mold, don’t ignore it. Mold will not go away without intervention, and it’s important that before you begin removal, your home is thoroughly inspected to find all the areas of hidden mold. Call today to schedule your home mold inspection.

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Mold Inspection Poughkeepsie

Mold Inspection Service

When you schedule a mold inspection with our company, you can count on us to find the origin of all the mold in your home. We use high tech equipment to ensure a thorough search. In addition to a visual search, our mold experts also take air samples for testing. Mold needs moisture, warmth, and oxygen to flourish. Since mold loves dark nooks and crannies it’s not always easy to spot. It’s important to call in an experienced and licensed mold assessor to completely search the property. We are also available for post-abatement mold testing to verify all mold was removed.

  • Household mold
  • Attic mold
  • Basement mold
  • Crawl spaces

Our mold inspector will note suspected areas of mold during the inspection, as well as potential problem areas. We might recommend further laboratory testing on areas with suspected fungi growth. Our inspector sends air samples and surface samples in for testing, and we generally have the results back within 72 hours. Call us today to schedule your home mold inspection.

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Home Mold Inspection

If your home has recently flooded or suffered water damage, the perfect conditions exist for mold growth, and you should schedule an inspection. We also strongly recommend a mold assessment if you are purchasing a home. We begin each inspection with a visual check for mold or potential mold. Our experts will locate existing mold, search out potential problem areas, and determine the conditions that are allowing mold to grow. We will also find any and all water sources that could be encouraging mold growth.

Our mold inspection reports include a complete written summary. We also include digital photographs with each report. If laboratory testing was necessary, then we will include lab results with your report also. Finally, we will give you our recommendation for dealing with household mold. We are just one phone call away when you need us.

Why Use Our Mold Inspection Company

If you want the most thorough mold inspection possible, then call us. We have the education and experience necessary to find all existing fungi growth, as well as, areas with potential for growth. Our experts will put their years of experience to work to make sure your home stays healthy and safe. We also work with all insurance carriers to assist our clients with the claims process. Our experts will meet with your insurance adjuster if necessary.

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