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How to Get Rid of Household Mold

Locating household mold isn’t always easy due to the fact that it’s often out of sight. Don’t take mold lightly. Anytime you have mold in your home it is a major health concern and can also lead to costly property damage. Our company offers free mold inspection estimates. We always provide a detailed written report of our findings. Call Hudson Valley Environmental today to schedule a household mold inspection.

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Household Mold Inspection

Household mold typically occurs after a roof leak, plumbing issue, flood, or other water damage. Mold poses severe health risks and can be very unsafe for you and your family members. Since mold spores are airborne, they pose an extra risk when those with respiratory issues inhale the spores.

Mold thrives when it has a moisture source. Within a couple of days after water damage or a leak, mold starts growing and doesn’t stop as long as it has a water source, or the indoor humidity levels are high. In fact, household mold isn’t always a result of a flood or leak, just elevated indoor humidity is enough to feed the growth of mold spores. Regardless of how you ended up with household mold, it is a big problem. Call us right away to schedule an inspection. Our experts will find all of the mold and give you their recommendation for remediation.

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Detecting Household Mold

Using a variety of methods, we can detect all household mold during our inspection. We take air samples, surface samples, and conduct a thorough visual inspection. The samples are sent to an independent lab for testing. Once we have the results, are mold specialist will give you a detailed written report including digital images. We will also give you are suggestions for eradicating the mold. You can provide your insurance company with a comprehensive report proving the presence of mold. We are also available to assist with insurance claims.

During the mold inspection, we will also take note of any potential problem areas and advise you on a course of action. Typically we have the results of the samples we take within a few days, and you will have your written report shortly after that. If you have any questions about indoor mold or would like to receive a free estimate, simply call us today.

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